Categories & Judging


The AfriStar Awards are a fully intergrated part of the established Gold Pack Awards. The specialist AfriStar Category will be judged in two parts -
1. Packaging entries from anywhere in Africa but outside of South Africa
2. Entries produced in South Africa specifaaly for markets in Africa but outside of South Africa.

A GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE medal may be awarded in each of the categories to any entries, which in the judges opinion, is deserving of the award.

Additional GOLD medals may be awarded to packs deserving unique recognition such as -

  • African Innovation could be awarded to a packaging innovation with major local creative and technological input
  • Judges' Special Medals Awarded to any entries that may deserve recognition for special features.

The top ranked entry in each category will receive a GOLD medal. SILVER and BRONZE medals may be awarded to the entries placed second and third. The judges may decide not to make any of the specific awards if, in their opinion, there are no suitable entries that meet the criteria of that award.

Each category will have FINALISTS, from which the medal winners will be awarded. The FINALISTS that do not win GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE medals will receive FINALIST MEDALS.

All the FINALISTS and MEDAL WINNERS will be eligible for entry into the WPO WorldStar awards subject to the completion of the relevant entry form and payment of fees. The Finalists will be announced by the end of September to allow time for entry into the WPO WorldStar awards. The Finalists which will win Gold, Silver or Bronze medals will only be announced at the Gold Pack ceremony in November.

An expert panel will be selected for their specialist knowledge of packaging and of the packaging industry and markets in Africa.