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The judges will look for the excellent application and execution of any new, innovative or creative design, marketing and technology applied to packaging in Africa.
Here are some suggestions that we hope will assist you with your entry.

Select a pack for entry that has made an impact for your business or your customer's through its sales and the market response.

Consider your selected entry's merits regarding creative design, marketing or technology applied to the packaging. Make sure you highlight these merits clearly in your support motivation.

Remember you only have 50 words for your motivation summary. This must catch the attention of the judges and clearly indicate why your entry should be a winner.

The main motivation support section allows 300 words but use them wisely. Avoid "puffery" (words like 'unique', 'special', 'excellent'). The judges will assume this - why else would you be entering the pack? Include relevant information - market place success, production cost savings. distribution advantages, environmental benefits. Briefly highlight the outstanding features of your packaging. (Save the broader detail for the 'Optional Additional Support Information" section of the entry.)

Use the "Optional Additional Support Information" section of the entry to substantiate your claims. The judges will only read this section if your main motivation interests them enough or your entry raises issues or debate.

Relate your pack's achievement to the conditions and state of the of packaging industry in your market. Highlight why your pack stands out in your market.

Highlight the local input in terms of creative design, marketing or technology - but do not disguise the 'imported' knowledge or technology. Credit will be given for the excellent application and execution of the 'imported' knowledge or technology.

Select your pack samples carefully. Do not supply packs that are poorly printed or converted. The judges will expect that you have sent the best examples of what you are able to produce.

Supply professional photographs. Mobile phone pictures will not do justice to your entry. Use the "Optional Additional Support Documents and pictures" section to supply additional photographs of any special feature of your entry - such as a clever opening or closing device, the difference between an empty and filed pack, the old vs. the new pack - or anything that supports your motivation. The judges will look here if your main motivation interests them enough.


The WPO has stated that a quarter of the food that is currently lost and wasted would already be sufficient to feed the starving world population. About 1.3 billion tons of food is actually thrown away each year, either because it spoils due to incorrect storage or inappropriate transport methods or because it no longer meets the standards of the trade and consumers. Furthermore, a lot of food is left uneaten by consumers because, for example, the quantities purchased by them are too large. Studies have shown that in less developed countries food tends to be lost at pre-harvest, harvest and initial handling phase. With increasing development food waste tends to move up the distribution chain to retail and consumption level. Here food is more likely thrown away when still edible.

Judging Criteria
The judges will be be looking for a packaging solution that significantly reduces food losses or food wastage in the supply chain. Your motivation for the entry should explain how and where in the supply chain the packaging saves a relevant amount of food.

Issues such as appropriateness, adequacy, convenience, feasibility and sustainability may be relevant to your entry. Examples of packaging solutions that may be considered for this award are:
Appropriate packaging
Appropriate materials
Modern packaging such as active and intelligent packaging
Portion sized packaging
Re-closable packaging
Convenient packaging
Hygienic processing and packaging.

This is the first of two website pages of TIPS for the AfriStar Awards. To view the second page click on this link
Click here to view the second page of TIPS